Untitled (Piero Celi Interview)

Atlanta Constitution – December 26, 1887

Atlanta – A French athlete, a powerful, muscular fellow, is in the city, and wants to tackle the winner in the Muhler-George contest Tuesday night. The Frenchman gives his name as Piero Celi. Celi stands five feet eight and one-half inches in his stocking feet, weighs one hundred and eighty pounds. His arms are as hard as cast iron, while his chest stands out grandly. His shoulders are square and broad, and altogether he is a magnificent specimen of the genus homo. Celi came to Atlanta on Friday night in response to a letter written him by a friend residing in this city, who knew his ability as a wrestler, and his trip was with a view to making a match with the winner Tuesday night. Last night, the Frenchman, accompanied by his friend, called at The Constitution office. Through the friend Celi made himself understood.

“I have come south,” he said, his friend acting as interpreter, “to meet either Greek George or Muhler. I don’t care which — only I want the winner in the match.”

“What will you wrestle for?”

“Let the man I meet name the amount. I am prepared to put up anywhere from $100 to $1,000, and will put it up. I mean business, and have the money to back me.”

“Got anything else to back you?”

“Of course. I have knowledge of the work, science and strength, have studied wrestling and know how to go about it.”

“Have you ever met Muhler or Greek George?”

“Never saw either of them in my life.”

“With whom have you wrestled in this country?”

“No one. I have been in this country only a short time. I prefer to try them after the French style, but will tackle them any way at all, and I would like for you to say as much.”

“Then you wish to challenge them?”

“Yes, that’s it. Just tell them and the public at the same time that I am ready to try either one, or the winner for money, one hundred to one thousand dollars.”


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