Lewis Clashes With Carnera In Mat Bout

Miami Herald – December 2, 1947

Primo Carnera, former heavyweight boxing champion, pits his 265-pound, six-foot-six-inch frame against Ed (Strangler) Lewis’ famous strangle hold tonight in the feature wrestling event at the Coral Gables Coliseum.

They will clash over the best two-out-of-three fall, 90-minute time limit route. Red Cameron will be the referee.

Carnera wrestled in Italy during the early ’30s when he was discovered and converted into a fighter. As a boxer he rose to the top of the fistic ladder when he won the heavyweight title from Jack Sharkey in 1933. He lost the crown a year later when he was knocked out by Max Baer.

Last year the Ambling Alp returned to the United States from Italy as a wrestler. He broke attendance records in cities from coast to coast.

Da Preem has appeared twice during the past year. Last February, he defeated Jumping Joe Savoldi and in July he licked Babe Sharkey. He is undefeated as a grunt and groaner.

Lewis is considered one of the greatest grapplers that ever climbed into a ring. His name has been connected with wrestling since the First World War and he has beaten every top performer in the game.

Four 30-minute, one-fall events will comprise the supporting card. In the semifinal, Johnny (Flash) Clifford meets the Flying Disc; Jack Bloomfield tangles with Duke DeKokma; Jake Schnable takes on Happy Davis and the opener pairs Young Billy Sandow and Joe (Kilroy) Santos at 8:45 p.m.

3 responses to “Lewis Clashes With Carnera In Mat Bout

  1. Glad to see your back in business. Lewis must have been nearly for this fight, that man had one long career. rl

    • Classic Wrestling Articles

      Yeah, I’m trying to not over do it. Just post a couple articles a week and I’ll be happy with those results I think.

  2. 60

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