Jim Browning Trounces Gus Sonnenberg

Los Angeles Times – July 13, 1933

Surprising practically nobody, Jim Browning defeated Gus Sonnenberg in the feature wrestling match at the Olympic last night. Gus won the first fall but Browning rallied to take the next two in great style.

Sonnenberg rushed out of his corner in his customary goat manner, but faster than Jim expected, catching the champion in the pit of the stomach with a terrific butt. Woozy and wobbly, Browning was an easy first-fall victim, Gus copping the nod in 32 seconds flat.

The boys got down to the serious business of contortioning as “she is did” after the intermission, with Browning showing all kinds of class to put Sonnenberg on the defensive. Jim three times was about to even up the match, with Gus wiggling over to the ropes to save himself. Tiring of this pastime, Jim finally pulled Gus away from the hemp to thump him down with his famous aeroplane turnover scissors in 24m. 48s.

Gus looked ferocious and tore after Browning after the second fall, but was met by beautiful uppercuts each time he crowded Jim. The champion had all the better of the going and won the third and deciding fall in 5m. 37s., also with an airplane scissors.

In the semi-wind-up, Ed (Strangler) Lewis, the old maestro, was unexpectedly thrown for a third and deciding fall by debonair Sammy Stein in a bout that was packed with thrills.

Lewis drew first blood by pinning the young Jewish sensation to the mat in 16m. 20s., after a series of his unpopular headlocks, but Stein came back with a furious attack to even the score in 4m. 33s. with a flying tackle and body-lock.

With the going fast and rough, but with Lewis apparently having the upper hand, Stein again waged a fierce fight to pin the former heavyweight champ’s shoulders to the canvas in 5m. 13s. with another series of flying tackles coupled with a cross body-lock.

George Hagen, former marine titleholder, wrestled to a thirty-minute draw with Charley Santen. The bout was fast and interesting, probably due to the fact that the boys attened strictly to business and wrestled according to the finer points of the mat game.

Vic Christy, former “boy wonder,” subdued 280-pound Tor Johnson in 9m. 37s. with an arm and leg scissors, after bieng dizzily swung about in the air by Johnson, who was attempting an airplane hold of gigantic proportions. Christy hung on until arm-weary Johnson got discouraged, then slapped on his winning scissors hold.

In the curtain-raiser, George Wilson, former brilliant grid star at the University of Washington, and Louie Bacigalupi went to another interesting draw in a fifteen-minute time-limit bout.

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