Jim McMillen Throws Lewis At Coliseum

Chicago Tribune – October 21, 1936

Father Time, aided by Jim McMillen, finally caught up with Ed (Strangler) Lewis last night at the Coliseum Annex as the 45-year-old former heavyweight champion was beaten after 23 minutes 10 seconds of wrestling. McMillen threw Lewis, who has campaigned for 27 years, with a flying tackle after breaking a series of headlocks. The 1,500 fans had anticipated a Lewis victory. Gross receipts were $1,400.

Danny Winters, Chicago recruit, made his big league debut against the veteran, Chief Little Wolf, in the 30-minute semifinal which ended in a draw. Other results:

Andy Rascher drew Dan Koch, 21:10; Olaf Oleson threw Jim Jaras, 12:28; Ed Newman and Pat Murphy drew, 20:00.

2 responses to “Jim McMillen Throws Lewis At Coliseum

  1. The Strangler was the pride of the University of Kentucky. I had a big photo of him on my wall when I was a kid

    • Classic Wrestling Articles

      That’s really cool. I love learning more and more about Strangler Lewis. He seems to be one of those wrestlers whose fame transcended the pro wrestling world.

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