George Picked In Mat Go

Los Angeles Times – October 12, 1930

Don George, former University of Michigan mat star, and twice winner of the national amateur grappling title, is being picked to beat Bob (Bibber) McCoy, flying tackle exponent, when they clash at the Olympic Wednesday night in the finish feature event of “Carnation” Lou Daro’s all-star wrestling show.

The rivalry between this pair of young stars is so keen that their meeting is expected to produce some of the most spectacular wrestling seen at the Olympic this year.

Both George and McCoy established great records in the amateur ranks before entering the game as professionals. McCoy was a sensation in the light-heavyweight division in 1924-25, while George’s best years were 1928-29.

McCoy began wrestling as a pro in Boston last summer, and within four months he was meeting the best in the game. George began his pro mat career in the Hub City, and he wrestled in one of the preliminary bouts of a card in which McCoy appeared as a main-eventer.

At that time the two young grapplers were friends. McCoy had never expected George to reach the rating of a topnotcher. When the Irishman arrived on the Coast for his battle with Everett Marshall, he found that George had developed into one of the best young heavyweights in the game, and was threatening his position as one of the foremost contenders for a world’s title match.

When George issued a challenge here last week in which he declared he was ready to meet any topnotcher in the game, McCoy begged Promoter Daro to give him the bout so that he could put the Michigan Wolverine in his place. Knowing that this pair had been “ribbing” each other for two weeks previous, Daro immediately closed the bout.

While this match is expected to be rough, fast and packed with action, the battle that will precede it, bringing together Joe Malcewicz, the elbow-swinging mat panther, and Jose Dominguez, a 215-pound easterner who has been a sensation in the East during recent months, may run it a close race for the spotlight that night.

Dominguez is a former fighter and is well versed in the use of his hands in the clinches. He has demonstrated his ability to outrough roughers in his eastern matches and he is being counted upon to give the Utican a lesson in this style of wrestling should the latter use the same tactics against Dominguez that he did against Marshall here recently.

This bout also will be to a finish. Dominguez, in local workouts, appears to be much the same style of wrestler as Malcewicz. He is fast, shifty and powerful and has demonstrated his ability to clamp on holds from almost any position.

Nick Lutze, the local mat idol, will appear in the opener. His foe will be Moose Norbeck of Canada, who is known as the “Bull of the North Woods.” Norbeck has met nearly every topnotcher in the game with the exception of Ed Lewis and Sonnenberg.


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