Garibaldi And Lopez Back Feature

Los Angeles Herald-Express – July 14, 1937
By E.W. Krauch

Everything but mayhem is expected to go tonight at the Olympic when Sandor Szabo, the handsome Hungarian, reaches out for Man Mountain Dean, the Hell’s Kitchen Hillbilly, in their three-fall finish match.

Szabo had to go into hock to get the second chance at the M.M. and the Hungarian swears he will take it all out of Dean’s hide.

This rematch tops promoter Jack Daro’s seven-bout card. Vincent Lopez, Mexican idol, and Gino Garibaldi, the Italian ace, are also on the bill, sharing part of the spotlight with Dean and Szabo.

Dean Detton, former world’s champion, is ready to meet the winner of either of the above matches, as is also Ernie Dusek, the leader of the famed Dusek “riot squad” of wrestling.

Detton is being backed by the Daro group these days in a war with eastern promoters who have tied up Bronco Nagurski, new world’s heavyweight champion.

To get back to tonight’s feature, Szabo went berserk last week when referee Dick Rutherford rules against him in favor of the M.M. Szabo went completely out of his head and smashed Rutherford to the floor. He then chased Dean with a chair. He demanded a rematch but he did not get it until he had guaranteed Garibaldi and Lopez main event percentages as they already had the top spot. Szabo also had to give Dean a fat cut of his purse.

Szabo is a good wrestler, the experts all agree, and he would make a fine champion, but somehow he has never gotten the breaks. If he can trounce Dean this time and then go on to Detton the big chance would be just around the corner for him.

Dean is ready to unlimber his running broad jump again tonight. The M.M. was forced to put it in storage for a while as it was barred in this state after a number of his opponents were injured by it. Szabo has waived any claims for damages against the state, the club or Dean. The tip is out he intends to use the broad jump on the Man Mountain himself.

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