National Wrestling Association Still Recognizes Londos

Associated Press – April 15, 1933

CLARKSDALE, Miss. – So far as the National Wrestling Association is concerned, Jimmy Londos is still world champion of the heavies, Col. H.J. Landry of Friar Point, Miss., president of the association, notified association members today.

He made public results of an investigation into the April 7 match at Chicago in which Joe Savoldi, title claimant, was awarded a fall on Londos.

Col. Landry said that “information revealed that Londos was not pinned” in the Chicago match, although referee Bob Managoff raised Savoldi’s hand, and that the match was not recognized as a championship one “and the title was not at stake.”

The national president added further that Savoldi had been indefinitely suspended by the association’s affiliated Indiana state athletic commission for failure to meet Pat O’Shocker at Evansville, Ind., on April 10.

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