Mason Beaten In Mat Battle

Seattle Times – January 24, 1933

Charlie Mason, the cobbling referee who essayed as a wrestler, “was dere,” and he’ll tell you today that George McDowell, the young University of Washington heavyweight, is about the fastest coming bone-crusher in this section. For McDowell won his first main event last night at the Civic Auditorium when he came from behind to defeat Mason after the latter had secured the first fall.

Both were cautious. An overdose of caution cost McDowell the first fall and the veteran Mason was quick to take advantage of the situation. He clamped a peculiar headlock on the Husky mat star and pinned both his shoulders to the canvas. Then McDowell opened his bag and brought out a fancy step-over leg scissors which tied up the cobbler.

That leg-log was the cause of Mason’s downfall in the final session. Using his stamina to good advantage, McDowell finally lifted Mason over his head and banged the unfortunate cobbler on the mat to finish it.

Dan McDonald, the Spokane Scotchman, essayed a neat substituting role for Billy Severe against Rocky Brooks in the semi-windup and nearly stole the show with his grit. The Scot went out and won the first fall, turning the trick with a clever leg split after twenty-one minutes of action. Brooks, the Victoria thunderbolt, tied the count with the headlock that Pat Reilly uses. Brooks also went into the book for his third fall, coming up with a “surfboard” hold to clinch the argument.

Jack Kruger, Port Orchard, came out of his temporary retirement to stage a comeback and flip Eddie Burke, Tacoma Irishman, with a body slam in the special event.

George Anderson, Tacoma Swedish light-heavyweight, didn’t have his motor tuned up and Ted Lange, former Washington mat captain, won the preliminary with a body slam in twelve minutes.


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