Jim Browning Out To Wreck Gus Sonnenberg

Los Angeles Times – July 11, 1933

When Jim Browning arrived here from the East a few days ago to complete training work for his three-fall title match with “Dynamite” Gus Sonnenberg at the Olympic tomorrow night, he was warned by close friends to keep pout of the way of the former champion’s low billy-goat butts as the referee had never called a foul on the chunky 200-pounder for their use.

Browning sent word to Sonnenberg, it was reported, informing the former mat king that the latter could expect to have his teeth kncoked out the first time he tried to butt his way to victory. The Missouri giant stated he intends to bring one of his knees into Sonnenberg’s face the second he sees Sonnenberg charging him head first.

The same day it was announced that the rules against butting would be strictly enforced, whether the violator was Sonnenberg or Sammy Stein, that spectacular 210-pound Jewish flash who faces Ed (Strangler) Lewis, six times former world’s champion, in the other three-fall go.

After yesterday’s workouts, Sonnenberg’s finla and most impressive of the past week, the challenger announced he would beat both — the foul penalty for butting and Browning’s threat to knock his teeth out. Instead of aiming for Browning’s stomach with his flying tackles in this battle, Sonnenberg intends to level at the champion’s kidneys. To do this, Sonnenberg explained, he will hit Browning either from one side, or from the back. Either way, the blow to the kidneys or the small of the back is more devastating than the tackles to the stomach.

Those close to Sonnenberg here say the former champion is confident he will win the title, and to win “Billy-goat” Gus will feint with threats of tackling, just enough roughing to make Browning lower his guard to retaliate, then get behind the mat kind for the blow to the kidneys.

George Hagen, the marine, will mix with Charley Santen of Missouri in the semi; Vic Christy will face Tor Johnson in the special, while George Wilson and Louie Bacigalupi meet in the opener.

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