Santa Claus Arrives Here Little Early For George

New York Post – December 16, 1935
By Eddie Wade

Poppa Curley Plays Santa Claus... by Uhlmann

Poppa Curley Plays Santa Claus… by Uhlmann

Grappler Don Hangs Xmas Sock in Bid to Regain Mat Crown

 Third Time Danno, Challenger Meet

Santa Claus comes early this year.  At least he does to Ed Don George, the former heavyweight wrestling champion of the world, who gets a chance to even matters tonight with the current title-holder, Danno O’Mahoney, at Madison Square Garden.

George is hanging up his stocking tonight in the hope that the old man with the whiskers will drop the title in there.  Ed the Don has been without the title for a long time now, two previous attempts to get it back from the Irishman having failed.

Three times they have come together since last summer, and on each occasion Danno has been returned the winner.  Not once, however, have George’s shoulders been pinned to the mat, the endings always being of a freak nature.

Not Title, but “Take” Don’s Worry

Twice George has been counted out after being tossed from the ring.  The last time they met, the former title-holder hit Danno’s hand with his chin.  He claims it was an accidental punch but, nevertheless, that one’s scored against him, too.

It isn’t the title that worries George, it’s the lowering of his earning capacity.  He’s lost at least $30,000 by being without the crown and the one sure way to hurt a wrestler is to cut down on the “take.”

The fact that O’Mahoney won the title in less than a year after coming here has made him something of a sensation among the wrestling fraternity.  Then again word that tonight’s affair is to be a “shooting” match has spread by the grapevine route.

Vary Is Winner Before First Bout

Four former champions will be among the spectators tonight, and that’s not counting George.  Earl Caddock and Joe Stecher, who were around when wrestlers didn’t know anything about flying tackles and drop-kicks, will be there along with Ed (Strangler) Lewis and Jim Londos.

Jack Curley’s latest foreign importation, Sandor Vary, the Hungarian champion who won a bot with the immigration authorities last week, makes his first official appearance against Floyd Marshall in the semifinal.  Jim Browning is paired with Sandor Szabo, Dean Detton takes on Herbie Freeman, Charley Strack goes against Ray Steele, Al Bisignano is meeting Vic Christy and Jake Patterson is listed  with Hank Barber in time limit affairs.

Meanwhile, George is looking around for the biggest sock he can find.  It may be in Danno’s flat.

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