Dusek Meets Sandor Vary

New York Post – January 19, 1937

Junior of Riot Squad Tops St. Nick Mat Card Tonight

Joe, youngest of the wrestling Duseks, moves into the finish bout tonight at St. Nicholas Palace, with Sandor Vary as an opponent.  Dusek hasn’t been defeated at the midtown arena, but is stepping up in class tonight and may find plenty of trouble.

Vary also is defending an undefeated record.  He has been around a couple of years now and busy almost every night.  During that time he has lost only five bouts.

It will be one of those bad man-fair haired boy affairs.  Joe is one of the most active of the Riot Squad and is rough, even for a Dusek.

In the semifinal tonight Abe Youriat faces Bobby Roberts, Hindu Ghafoor Khan battles Ed Cook, Eli Fischer takes on Thy Morgan, Tony Garibaldi opposes Dick Perrin and Jim Wallis wrestles Charley Allen.

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