Rudy Dusek Faces Donovan At Armory

New York Post – April 6, 1936

Rough Man of Mat May Meet His Match Friday Night

The combination of an injury and the sudden rise of his younger brother, Ernie, put Rudy Dusek in the wrestling background for awhile but he’s coming back slowly to the heights he formerly reached.  Another step in the campaign will be made Friday night when he opposes Jack Donovan at Twenty-second Engineers Armory.

Dusek was one of the rough tough me of the mat but he may meet his match with Donovan.  The Boston Irishman also is rough and tough and, besides that, has youth on his side.

Five time-limit bouts also are carded.  Gino Garibaldi opposes Abe Coleman, Sandor Vary takes on Hank Barber, Thie Goldberg tackles Pat Donohue, Mike Vetrona grapples Andy Meixner and Bill Houlihan mixes with Jack Hader.

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