New Year Brings Plenty Of Action

The Pittsburgh Press – December 29, 1935

ERNIE DUSEK... He and his brothers are coming to town.

ERNIE DUSEK… He and his brothers are coming to town.

Hard on the heels of the signing and sealing of the Tony Herrera-Cleo Locatelli match as the top liner of Promoter Jake Mintz’ boxing card at the North Side Arena, Wednesday evening, comes Elwood Rigby, the boy wrestling entrepreneur, with the champion and an armful of Dusek brothers for his next show, one week from tomorrow night.

Mr.Rigby will fetch Danno O’Mahoney into the Arena ring to try his Irish Whip on Ernie Dusek of Omaha, the only man the Irishman hasn’t tossed to the seagulls while he has been the titleholder.  They were matched in Cleveland two months ago and groaned 90 minutes to a draw.

Inasmuch as Ernie is generally recognized as the young man who will next wear the title robes, the match may provide a preview to what will happen in some other ring later on.  O’Mahoney, who pinned the venerable Gus Sonnenberg but looked horrible doing it when he was last here, doesn’t rate to get better than another tie with young Dusek, a 235-pounder who knows all the gadgets and how to use them.

Before Ernie appears, two other brothers will have their turns – Joe against Vic Christy and Walter with Joe Tonti.  To make it a Dusek sellout, Rudy, the eldest, will be in the corner.  Mr. Rigby wants it known that inasmuch as four Duseks are getting in free, he will admit all others of the same name without charge.  The man’s generosity knows no bounds.  There is one Dusek listed in the phone book.

The remainder of the card includes Hans Steinke and Charley Strack, and Sandor Vary of Hungary and John Swenski.

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