Referee Scores One, Tosses Singh – Out

The Pittsburgh Press – May 5, 1936
By Lester Biederman

Horrid Hindu Can’t Behave So Rasputin Is Declared Winner

General Sherman, the eminent soldier, once said “War is Hell,” and today Nanjo Singh, the well-known Hindu wrestler, is going around the country, speaking of Pittsburgh in much the same tones.

Twice Nanjo has appeared here and each time he got clipped.  On the first occasion, several weeks ago, the State Athletic Commissioner deducted $25 from Singh’s pay envelope because he insisted on fighting after the bell, in a bout that found him in a draw with Walter Podolak.

Last night at the Moose Temple, Nanjo and Ivan Rasputin, the Revolting Russian, who sports hair on all parts of his body, with special emphasis on his face, went at it for some 23 minutes when Nanjo acted up again.

This trip he kept kicking Rasputin out of the ring.  When Ivan would pick himself up out of the front row seats and haul his bulky frame onto the apron of the ring, ready to climb back in, Nanjo booted him back into the chairs.

The third time that happened Referee Charley Dickerhof called it a night and gave the match to Rasputin on a technicality disqualification.

It was quite a brawl – that main event.  For most fans it was a novelty, seeing Rasputin on the floor and watching Nanjo – the man everybody hates – tugging away at Ivan’s bushy beard.  Ivan, in two previous bookings in our fair city, has tossed each opponent in less than five minutes.  He was satisfied to get away with last night’s scrap in 23 minutes.

Billy Thom, the Indiana University wrestling coach, also tutor of the United States Olympic team, and holder of the junior middleweight title, put on a grand show with Pete Sherman, a former champion, in a special event.

Both fellows are clever and several times were too darn clever for their own good.  It was fast, plenty of holds, with Thom winning by a fall in 26:20.  Thom weighed 164, Sherman 175.

Bert Rubi, 158, and Leo Wallick, 178, staged the fastest wrestling exhibition seen here in many months, going 45 minutes to a draw.  During a greater portion of the battle the fans got quite a kick out of the antics but it got monotonous after awhile.  The customers gave the boys a loud reception after it was over.

Bad Boy Brown tried using the core of an apple on Eddie Malone’s face in their match, and after a lot of rough-housing, Malone applied a hold that stuck.  It happened in 13:27.

Jack Conley and Walter Sirois wrestled to the usual first-bout draw in the opener.

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