Christy Returns Here To Meet Joey Dusek

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – January 3, 1936

Vic Christy, one of the most popular wrestlers ever to show here, returns to the local mat wars in the semi-final to the Dan O’Mahoney-Ernie Dusek duel at the Arena Monday night.

Christy is booked to tangle with Joey Dusek.  It will mark the first appearance of Joey around these parts.  He is reputed to be a copyrighted edition of his brother Ernie.

In his last appearance here, Christy lost to Gus Sonnenberg.  Vic’s latest feat on the mat was to hold Jim Browning to a 60-minute draw in Toronto last week.

Another Dusek, Walter, is scheduled to take on Joe Tonti of Midland, former Geneva and Temple footballer, in one of the 30-minute preliminary bouts.

Other bouts will find Charley Strack battling Hans Steinke and Sandor Vary, the Hungarian European titleholder, meeting John Swenski of Holy Cross.

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