‘Flying Dropkick’ On Display!

The Pittsburgh Press – January 16, 1936



Savoldi’s Mat Weapon Vies With Christy’s Flying Scissors at North Side Arena Tonight

Jumping Joe Savoldi’s flying dropkick goes on exhibition tonight against Vic Christy’s flying head scissors in the feature spot of Promoter Elwood Rigby’s wrestling card at the North Side Arena.  Five bouts are on the program, the first at 8:30 p. m.

Savoldi and Christy figure to play to a well-filled house, for both have proved excellent showmen in previous engagements here.  Savoldi wrestled in the feature of the opening show of the winter against former champion Ed Don George.  It was a packed Arena that night.  Christy has appeared here several times, winning popular acclaim for his efforts.

In support of the one fall to a finish final involving the former collegiate stars are three half hour time limit bouts and an opener of 15 minutes.

Sergi Kalmikoff, Russian behemoth who has won all his previous engagements here, tackles Mike Mazurki, one time Manhattan College football end, in the semi-final.  Immediately preceding this affair, the popular Sam Cordovano, former Georgetown University all-America guard, wrestles Dr. Freddy Meyers, Chicago Hebrew.  The first of the half-hour tussles sends together Sandor Vary, Hungarian who claims the European title, and Pete Peterson, a recent Swedish importation.  Joe Tonti of Midland and Andy Meizner open the show.

Savoldi had to skip a Pittsburgh grappling engagement a few weeks ago when the plane in which he flew here was not permitted to land because of low ceiling and storm conditions.  The former Notre Dame fullback was to have wrestled Ray Steele on that occasion.

Christy showed at Rigby’s last offering against Joey Dusek of Omaha and their match was a riot of fast action.  They would have stolen the show but for the tumultuous ending of the final match, a battle between champion Danno O’Mahony and Ernie Dusek which police finally broke up.

Kalmikoff never has exerted himself in winning his other Pittsburgh bouts, but there is every indication he may be extended tonight by Mazurki.  They wrestled a draw in 30 minutes of a recent New York mat show.

Cordovano, like Christy, has a tremendous following here.  Not of the villainous type, he tends strictly to business and leaves the clowning to his foe.

A brisk advance sale in tickets was reported today by Rigby, indicating that with the weather on his side, a sellout tonight might be possible.

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