Mat Champion Jim Londos Dead

Ellensburg Daily Record – August 21, 1975

ESCONDIDO (UPI) – Greek-born Jim Londos, who ruled as the world heavyweight champion when pro wrestling was in its golden age, is dead.

Born Chris Theophelos in Theophelo, Greece, Londos wrestled more than 2,500 times at the height of his career – between 1930 and 1946.  He died of a heart attack in Palomar General Hospital here Tuesday.  He lived in Escondido as a gentleman rancher.

Because Londos did not know the date of his birth, his age was not known, although it was estimated he was between 75-80.  He said he was about 12 or 14 when he came to America.

Londos found the United States to be a land of opportunity.  His first job in America was as a bus boy in a San Francisco beanery.  But by the time he was 17, the son of a Greek amateur wrestling champion was the California light-heavyweight champion.

In a triumphant return to Greece, he once wrestled a Russian champion in Athens before more than 100,000.

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