Londos Defeats McGinnis On Mat

Portland Oregonian – September 18, 1938

Jim Londos, ex-heavyweight wrestling champion of the world, made an auspicious start in his first appearance in the international wrestling tourney at the Ice Coliseum last night, defeating Terry McGinnis.

Londos, weighing 202, was forced to go 1:52 minutes of the way through the fifth round before pinning McGinnis, 217, with an airplane spin.

Tusko Kennedy, 475-pound mammoth from San Francisco, was eliminated from the tourney last night by Darrell Kunkel, 205, after 7:38 minutes of grappling in the first round. Heinie Olson, 215, of Portland, pinned Chief Thunderbird, 210, British Columbia Indian, with a body slam 2:35 minutes of the way through the third round.

Bob Wagner, 225, after going to the penalty box for one minute before the end of the first round for rough tactics, came back in the second to down Rudy Brenner, 210, in 4:14 minutes of the second round with backbreakers.

In the nightcap, Prince Bhu Pinder, 218, of India, defeated Cliff Thiede, 213, Los Angeles, with a series of double wing locks 2:37 minutes after the opening of the fourth round.

Headed by Jim Londos, international champion, the list of those remaining in the tournament are as follows: Londos, Chief Little Wolf, Del Kunkel, Chief Thunderbird, Otto Kuss, Thiede, Bhu Pinder, Bob Kruse, Jumbo Kennedy, Dyke Nakamara, Bob Wagner, the Purple Shadow, George Godfrey, Terry McGinnis, Heinie Olson, Larry Bennett, George Kitzmiller, Rudy Brenner and Jack Forsgren.

Already eliminated and many of them on their way back home are: Tom Mahoney, Hank Metheny, Count Marino, Joe Pazandak, Cardiff Giant, Lou Newman, Hal Dougherty, Sailor Franz, Herman Olson, Len McLeod, Ken North, Otto Jerrick, Benny Ginsberg, Vary Cutler, Art Shires, Jock Malone and Bull Elk.

Winners against winners mark the reopening of the tournament Tuesday night. A feature will be the entry of George Godfrey, the first Negro heavyweight ever to wrestle in Portland. By the end of this week only eight grapplers will remain in the tournament which runs until September 30th.


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