Londos Beats Vic Christy in Straight Falls

San Francisco Chronicle – February 17, 1933

Whatever wrestling championship it was that Jimmy Londos held when he came here, he still holds for he easily defeated Vic Christy in two straight falls last night at the Civic Auditorium before a crowd of about 6,500. The crowd was keen for Christy but Londos was entirely too strong, clever and experienced for the young fellow and when he got ready to take a fall he took it in decisive fashion.

Christy, 6 feet tall, young, good looking but not yet filled out, was no match for the Greek Adonis, stocky legged and barrel chested, when the Greek really bore down.

Londos won both falls in the same manner. When he got ready to win the first fall after thirty minutes of wrestling, he slammed Christy hard to the mat three times in rapid succession, jarring him plenty. Then he picked him up bodily, whirled him around his head until he was dizzy, and then flattened him with a terrific slam to the mat.

Christy was partially stunned after the first fall and between the bouts he sat in his corner with his head in his hands. Londos made short work of his oppoennt in the next bout, taking the fall and the match in 5 minutes and 46 seconds. He did it identically as he took the first fall, slamming the young fellow hard three times, picking him up, whirling him around his head and then spreading him on the mat.

The crowd had plenty of chances to cheer Christy as the young fellow got many dangerous holds on Londos, but could not do much execution with them.

Londos quickly spotted the camera men and once he hung himself on the ropes, locking his feet there and swinging as if in a hammock, while his picture was being taken. When the flash lights flashed, Jimmy got off the ropes and gravely bowed his appreciation.

Londos allowed Christy to make a good showing in the first fall, but as the hour was growing late he took the second fall in a hurry. Christy had tired from the punishment he got in the first bout and Londos helped to carry him to his corner after the second fall.

The grunting, groaning and facial horrors of the evening went to George Kotsonaros, who subbed for Henry Graber in his bout with Oki Shikina. No man could possible be as badly hurt as Kotsonaros looked, and live. Shikina’s left ear was torn as his blood smeared the bodies of both men.

Kotsonaros and Shikina wrestled through thirty minutes to a draw. Nick Preovolos was the referee of all the bouts and he was kept busy kicking the arms and legs of the wrestlers loose from the ropes as they sought to cling there.

“Cyclone Steve” Strelich of Santa Monica and Dr. P.A. Millikan of Los Angeles tugged and grunted for thirty minutes and got a draw for their pains.

Hans Steinke, German champion, shook the Auditorium and adjacent buildings when he flopped Don De Laun with a body slam in 13 minutes and 37 seconds. De Laun was knocked unconscious.

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