Newsy Gossip Of The Sports

The Day – January 27, 1908

Charles Olsen has about decided to give up the grappling game and he says that when he gets a good steady job planning joists or shingling roofs he will forget all about his aspirations to be a champion.  He has also discovered that he doesn’t know as much about the game as an experienced manager.

* * *

Fred M. Barnes of Chicago plans a big wrestling tournament at Tampa, Fla., for eight days, beginning Feb. 8.  The expense is estimated at $20,000.  Gotch, Beell, Lundin, Pardello, Demetral, Carl Pons, Tom Winkelhoffer, Jess Westerguard, Wakita the Jap, Oscra Wasen, Charlie Olsen and Charles Hackenschmidt are among the wrestlers who are going to appear, according to a report from Chicago.

* * *

Lundin says the best thing that he struck in this country was the exhibition he took part in before the swells of the Tuxedo club at Tuxedo park.  The New York society folks turned out in large numbers to see him work on the mat and then filled him with turkey and lobster and champagne.  Ordinarily a little ginger ale is as far as the big grappler will go, but when the millionaires begged him to try the vintage of the Widow Cliquot he forgot his New Year’s resolutions.

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