Iowa Man Won From Foreigner

The Herald – January 17, 1906

Frank Gotch of Humboldt Secured Two Falls From Hackenschmidt.

 Was Given Hard Fight

 The Big Swede Was Game to the Last, but Was Outclassed by Gotch – Great Crowd Saw Contest and Cheered Lustily.

Des Moines, Ia., Jan. 12 – Frank Gotch, ex-champion wrestler of America, catch as catch can style, clearly demonstrated his right to claim the Graeco-Roman championship at the Auditorium by defeating Charles Hackenschmidt of Hand, Sweden, in the greatest mat battle ever seen in Iowa.  Gotch’s great weight and strength, coupled with his wonderful speed and skill, was too much for the young man from across the water, but Hackenschmidt was game to the last and gave Gotch one of the hardest battles he has ever had in his wrestling career.

Gotch had the better of the match from the start, and though there was always a chance of Hackenschmidt taking a sudden spurt and securing a fall, the final result was scarcely in doubt at any time.

Before the last fall was secured, Hackenschmidt made six marvelous escapes only to find himself in another dangerous position.  When the end finally came, Hackenschmidt was exhausted.

The match was long and hard fought.  Gotch took the first fall in 35 minutes and 10 seconds and the second fall in 42 minutes and 20 seconds.

About 3,000 people gathered in the Auditorium to see the battle and cheered the contestants impartially.

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