Swedish Wrestler Is To Tour The Country

The Pittsburg Press – December 17, 1905

Charles Hackenschmidt 12-17-1905

Charles Hackenschmidt, cousin of the world’s champion wrestler, has arrived in this country from Sweden.  He came with the expectation of immediately meeting Jenkins or Gotch.  On arriving in New York city he learned through Pollock, Jenkins’ former manager, that the champion had retired and was teaching at West Point.  He did not know the whereabouts of Gotch and came to Chicago.  From there he went to Des Moines, Ia., where he defeated “Farmer” Burns, the third best man in America.

Both of the Hackenschmidts are 28 years old, with George 12 days the senior.  On their tour the men practiced and mastered the many new holds they found in the different countries.

Charles Hackenschmidt is the rightful champion of Sweden.  Born and reared in that country, he defeated every wrestler of that nationality of any prominence.  He defeated every good wrestler in Norway except Norbeck, the champion, who refused to answer his many challenges.

Hackenschmidt weighs 178 pounds and is 5 feet 10 inches tall.  His measurements are:
Neck, 18 ½ inches.
Chest (normal), 43 inches.
Chest (expanded), 47 inches.
Bicep (right), 15 ¾ inches.
Bicep (left), 15 ½ inches.
Right forearm, 14 ½ inches.
Left forearm, 14 ¼ inches.
Waist, 33 inches.
Thigh, 23 inches.
Calf, 15 ½ inches.

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