Ex-World Mat Champ Killed In Revolution

International News Service – August 18, 1936

NEW YORK – Wladek Zbyszko, five times world heavyweight wrestling champion, was killed during street fighting in Barcelona, Spain, Aug. 6, according to unconfirmed reports reaching here today via South America.

Word of the wrestler’s reported death was sent to Ismail C. Pace, director of the Luna Park Stadium in Buenos Aires, from his home office. Pace immediately communicated the word to Jack Curley, local promoter, under whose auspices Zbyszko rose to fame in the sporting world.

Planning a comeback attempt, the wrestler, native of Poland, had been in Barcelona for some time. He was said to have been in touch regularly with Polish consular officials here until a few days ago, when his communications ceased abruptly.


One response to “Ex-World Mat Champ Killed In Revolution

  1. Classic Wrestling Articles

    As it turns out, this was some pretty erroneous reporting. Wladek Zbyszko was not, in fact, dead. He lived on until June 10, 1968.

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