Hicks Thrown By “Black Sam”

The New York Times – October 16, 1883

There was a large gathering yesterday afternoon at Harry Hill’s to witness a wrestling match between George Hicks and Viro Small, better known as “Black Sam.”  Each side put up $250, and Mr. Hill acted as referee.  Among those present were “Jem” Mace, Charles Mitchell, Harry Montague, Harry Woodson, and George Taylor, the “Black Diamond.”  The match was collar and elbow, two out of three falls.  Black Sam was evidently the favorite, and his herculean proportions showed the contestants to be badly matched.  Hicks acted on the defensive in the first round, which lasted eight minutes, and resulted in his overthrow by the formidable right leg of Black Sam.  The second round lasted 10 minutes, the colored man being thrown, much to the disgust of the majority present.  The third round was tedious, and lasted nearly 20 minutes.  Three times Hicks nearly threw his opponent, but was finally overcome by the superior strength of the black man.

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