Wrestling Probe Proves A ‘Dud’

San Francisco Chronicle – December 15, 1935
By Harry B. Smith, Chronicle Sports Editor

As had been anticipated and predicted, the carried-over investigation of the wrestling squawks proved a dud. When Dr. P.H. Visser of Sacramento started trouble some weeks ago, based on the raising of a fund for so-called legal services, it was thought it might start something. But the same wrestling protesters who failed to give any important information to Governor Merriam were even meeker yesterday when they faced the State Commissioners.

At Sacramento there were veiled hints the commission was favoring the Bowser-Curley syndicate to the exclusion of the light heavies. But when the question was put to these witnesses point blank yesterday, they were mum.

Practically the same two questions were hurled at witnesses called into the meeting room yesterday morning:

“Have you any criticism to offer of the State Commission? Has the commission ever been unfair in its dealings with you?”

Such witnesses as Pete Visser, the Sacramento promoter who had promised to “tell all he knew”; Ernest Fedderson and Ad Santel of Oakland; Bobby Burns, Eureka; Henry Goldstein, Vallejo, and Willie Hunnefeld, Fresno, answered “no” to the queries, saying they were only interested in the securing of their permits.

With such a lack of testimony, Chairman Dr. Harry Martin declared there was nothing on which to base any action and the probe was dropped forthwith. As a matter of fact the investigation didn’t get to first base. Jack Ganson, once boss of the matmen here, who has promised disclosures, left the day before the meeting for Los Angeles. Apparently Jack didn’t want to do any talking.

The “blowing up” of the wrestling scandal left the commission with one big argument on their hands to be settled by the last of the year. Three different groups want the lightweight wrestling permit for the Civic Auditorium. Frank Schuler, hooked up last year with Jack Reynolds, is an applicant by himself, as is Captain Alberger, whose Jewel City A.C. has George Selleneit as matchmaker. Mo Dorman, San Francisco businessman, once mentioned for a commissionership, is hooked up with Jack Reynolds this time, his club being the Diamond A.C.

It is a three-cornered fight for the lightweight permit and will probably be tossed in the lap of incoming Chairman George Payne for settlement.

Visser, who promoted this last two years for the D.A.V. of Sacramento, but may not have his contract renewed, has applied for his own permit. The gossip is, however, the “syndicate” may freeze out Visser by the simple expedient of refusing talent.

The following applications for wrestling permits will be considered at the December 27 meeting:

San Francisco – Joe Malcewicz, for Dreamland: Diamond A.C. (Mo Dorman and Jack Reynolds) for Civic Auditorium; Jewel City A.C. (Capt. Alberger) for Civic Auditorium; Frank Schuler for Civic Auditorium.

Oakland – Greey Bay A.C. (Louis Parente), lightweight wrestling; East Bay A.C. (Fedderson and Santel).

San Jose – American Legion.

Sacramento – Sacramento Wrestling Club; P.H. Visser; D.A.V.

Modesto – D.A.V.

Fresno – D.A.V.; Fresno Club (Don Price).

Stockton – D.A.V. (Willie Hunnefeld).

Chico – American Legion.

Redwood City – Tommy Cello A.C.

Vallejo – Vallejo A.C. (Joe Goldstein).

In addition, wrestling permits have been applied for by groups in Ukiah, Hanford, Grass Valley, St. Mary’s, Redding, Eureka and Petaluma.

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