The Sydney Morning Herald – September 25, 1934

Koloff Beats Beth.

Dan Koloff, the Bulgarian wrestler, won with two falls against Bill Beth at Rushcutter Bay Stadium last night.  The match was scheduled for eight rounds, but Koloff gained the first fall in the third round and the deciding one early in the fourth session.

Beth, weighing 16st 8lb, had an advantage of five pounds, but Koloff was stronger, and was never in serious trouble.  Beth, when in difficulties, evaded by wriggling under the ropes.  The work was generally strenuous and at times the wrestlers engaged in face slapping.  Beth, in the second term, was instructed by the referee to keep his fingers out of Koloff’s eyes.  Vicious tactics marked the opening of the third term.  Koloff threw Beth against the ropes.  He lifted him with a crotch hold, threw him heavily, and completed a fall with a body-press in 1m 28s.  Beth was carried to his corner in a helpless condition, and had to receive attention from his seconds during the interval.  When the bell sounded for the fourth round, Beth staggered to meet his opponent, but Koloff seized him, and gained the second fall without an effort in 37 seconds.

Clarke Beats Shikina

Jack Clarke (15-3 ½) beat the Japanese wrestler, Oki Shikina (14-3) by one fall in a four rounds match.  Clarke was the aggressor for the greater part of the contest, and although the work met with approval of the large crowd, they emerged rather easily from difficult holds.  Clarke gained the only fall in 2m 13s of the third term.  He threw Shikina with a back slam after the Japanese had jumped upon Clarke’s back.

In a boxing contest set down for six rounds, Lou Fraser (10-13 ½) knocked out Tommy O’Keefe (11-4) in the second session.

Pencheff And Harban Singh Draw.

PERTH, Monday.

In a match in which there were many clever holds, the Bulgarian, George Pencheff, drew with the Indian, Harban Singh, in a six-round wrestling contest at the Luxor Theatre.  Each man secured a fall.  Pencheff had an advantage of 4lb over the Indian, who weighed 14st 1lb.

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