Savoldi Captures Londos Claim To Title

Associated Press –  April 8, 1933

CHICAGO – Jumping Joe Savoldi, who used to shatter football lines for Notre Dame, had one big area of the wrestling world rocking with claims and denials today.

Joe strode into the Chicago Stadium ring last night to tackle Jim Londos, claimant of the championship. To the amazement of 8,000 customers, he walked out with a one-fall victory after 20 minutes and 26 seconds of rough-and-tumble grappling. The match attracted a gate of approximately $12,000.

Ed White, manager of Londos, claimed that the match, limited to one fall with a ninety-minute limit, was not a championship affair because of a ruling by the old Illinois State Athletic Commission that all wrestling matches were merely exhibitions. The spectators howled White down.

Londos issued a statement in which he denied that Savoldi had thrown him and blamed referee Bob Managoff.

“It was not a fall,” Londos said. “I had a Japanese scissors on Savoldi from an underneath position. I was partly on my side and on my shoulder. Managoff tapped me on the shoulder with orders to break.

“I understood from that we were to start wrestling all over again from a standing position, because Savoldi’s feet were tangled in the ropes. I let go and the next instant the referee tapped Savoldi.”

In the three years he has been claiming the title Londos has been thrown three times before tonight, but each match was a two-out-of-three-fall affair, each of which Londos ultimately won. Ray Steele, Jim McMillen and George Zaharias were the throwers and losers.

Results of the preliminary matches:

Jim McMillen, 220, Chicago, threw Zaharias, 235, Pueblo, Col., with a crotch hold in 20:28.

Joe Stecher, 226, Dodge, Neb., threw Blue Sun Jennings, 212, Seattle, Wash., with a body scissors in 12:32.

Gino Garibaldi, 215, Italy, threw Tom Marvin, 202, Oklahoma, with a cross body hold in 16:40.

Abe Coleman, 205, Los Angeles, threw John Katan, 240, Toronto, with a flying tackle in 13:55.

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