Londos, The Greek Who Gave Sex Appeal To Rasslin’

United Press – February 6, 1938
By Jack Guenther

LOS ANGELES — Jimmy Londos, kingpin of Great Britain, Arabia, Bangor, Maine, and several other points north and west, returns to American wrestling again tomorrow for the advertised purpose of earning his third million dollars.

Except that his black hair is a trifle thinner and his classical body a bit thicker, Londos has changed little since he arrived from Greece two dozen years ago and introduced sex appeal into a sport that then was floundering badly. At 41, he is the same little fellow, matching his speed against the weight and blubber of maulers.

Despite a career longer and more arduous than that of any wrestler save Ed (Strangler) Lewis, Jimmy still is sleek and handsome, still polished and affable, and, like Old Man River, still is rolling along. He claims the reasons he is able to do it are simple.

“Jeemy” is one of the wealthiest men in sports today.
For this reason, a large block of local patrons scoff at money as a pretense for the comeback. Its actual purpose is slightly sinister and very complicated, hinging on the Pacific Coast trust’s latest attempt to prove itself bigger than its synthetic champion, who at the moment is Bronko Nagurski.


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