Londos And Stecher Do It All Over Again Tonight

Chicago Tribune – March 3, 1933

Joe Stecher, the Nebraskan who is one of wrestling’s patriarchs by virtue of his years of experience, will seek his fourth lease on the world’s heavyweight championship tonight at the Chicago Stadium. He will engage Jim Londos, who has made the most sustained claim to the crown for the last three years, for the second time in six weeks.

Promoter Joe Foley and matchmaker Doc Krone have high hopes of setting a new Chicago record for attendance at a mat entertainment, even to outdoing Londos’ last appearance at the Stadium, when he defeated Kola Kwariani, the Russian, before nearly 18,000.

The second meeting of Londos and Stecher this year within such a brief space of time was prompted by the latter’s effort against the titleholder, in which he held James to a one-hour draw at the Coliseum in a match where at nearly 2,000 customers were turned away.

Londos was dissatisfied with his performance against Stecher, who has held the title thrice previously and came out of retirement less than a year ago. Ed White, Londos’ manager, decided that Jim was going stale, and he has appeared in only two matches since, spending the remainder of the time resting in the California mountains.

Stecher will enter the match with the advantage of an additional half hour on the time limit, and with it a margin of more than 40 pounds in weight and four inches in height.

In addition to the main event a majority of the Londos cast will appear in supporting roles. A half-hour time limit has been prescribed for four bouts, bringing together Ray Steele and Pat O’Shocker; George Zaharias and Abe Coleman; Jim McMillen and Hans Steinke, and Joe Savoldi and Joe Cox. Jack Smith and Lou Plummer will go 20 minutes or less in the opening match.

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