Lewis-Shikina Match Proves Popular

San Diego Union – May 3, 1933

Signing of Ed (Strangler) Lewis and Oki Shikina, Japanese heavyweight wrestler, for the next wrestling show at the Coliseum Athletic Club, has stirred up unusual interest, promoters Linn Platner and Tommy Landis report. Requests for reservations already have been received.

Lewis, for years the generally recognized champion of the world, is engaged in a “comeback” campaign, with a finish contest with Jim Browning for the title as his goal.

It is the claim of Lewis that when he first met Browning, and also on the occasion of their second clash, he was handicapped greatly by eye trouble. He also points out that neither of the bouts he lost to the Iowan was a finish affair, but that both were one-fall bouts which gave him no real test.

In view of the fact that the Lewis-Shikina bout is to be a finish battle, two falls out of three, the former champion will have ample opportunity to prove to San Diego’s fan flock that he has the stuff he claims he still possesses.

Regarding next week’s show, Platner says that it will be an “all star” occasion in the strictest sense, as every one of the eight athletes will be a man of reputation. There are to be four bouts in all.

In the semi-windup the popular Nick Lutze will oppose Rudy Skarda.


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