Londos-Stecher Mat Drama Goes On Boards Again

Chicago Tribune – March 2, 1933

The second 1933 showing in Chicago of the Jim Londos-Joe Stecher wrestling number, familiar to followers of the grappling pastime at intervals during the last decade, will be presented at the Chicago Stadium tomorrow night before what is expected to be a record crowd at a local match.

The match was prompted by the recent revival of the rivalry of the Greek and the Nebraskan at the Coliseum, wherein Stecher surprised everybody, including himself, by holding the claimant of the world’s championship to a draw within one hour. Doc Krone, promoter of that exhibition, now acting in the role of matchmaker for Promoter Joe Foley of the Stadium, averred that no less than 2,000 customers were turned away from the Coliseum doors.

Londos arrived in town last night and will work out at Kid Howard’s gymnasium this afternoon.

After their first meeting Stecher followed up his moral victory over Londos by challenging Jim to a match at the Stadium, with the title belt presented to the Greek three years ago by the Millionaires’ club of Madison Square Garden to be at stake. Londos, claiming to be dissatisfied by his performance against Stecher, readily agreed to a second match.

The Illinois Athletic Commission said yesterday it could not permit Jack Dempsey to referee the match, as he is not a resident of the state.

The meeting has caused a boom in ticket selling which bids fair to exceed that of the last important mat bout at the Stadium, that between Londos and the bald-headed Russian, Kola Kwariani, when nearly 18,000 were in attendance.

Mr. Foley and Dr. Krone have surrounded the main event with five bouts, bringing together at least six of the leading contenders for the championship, such as it is. The Londos-Stecher bout will have a new time limit, one hour and a half instead of the hour which held during the Coliseum match. In the other bouts Ray Steele will meet Pat O’Shocker, George Zaharias faces Abe Coleman, Jim McMillen engages Hans Steinke, Joe Savoldi wrestles Joe Cox, and Jack Smith meets Lou Plummer.

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