Ol’ Yellow Dog Rounds Up Ron Bass With The Help Of Cowpoke Dusty Rhodes

St. Petersburg Independent – January 11, 1984
By Gene Taylor

TAMPA – With the help of Dusty Rhodes, the Yellow Dog saddled up Ron Bass and rode him to the second fall in a Lights Out Texas Death Match at the Sun Dome last night.  Black Bart arrived to save Bass from further indignity.

Yellow Dog had things all his own way until James J. Dillon slipped a weapon of some sort to Bass, and that led to the first fall for him.  It didn’t stop Y.D. from managing an attack that lead to his own first fall moments later, however.

Bass was getting his second wind when Yellow Dog again launched a surprise attack and put him face down on the canvas.  That apparently seemed to Rhodes the ideal time to toss a saddle into the ring.  Bass couldn’t continue, and it was at that point that Bart rescued Bass, leading him from the ring and giving Y.D. the match.

It took slightly over 5 minutes for Dusty Rhodes to put the huge One Man Gang down for the three count, with a little help from his friends.

It was a Steel Chain match.  The Gang attacked Rhodes before the bell, and in seconds, he had the chain tightly drawn into Rhodes’ mouth and was beating a tattoo on his head.

Although Rhodes was bleeding, he slipped out of the ring and dragged the Gang with him, catching him off guard and taking the advantage.  The wails of pain and panic coming from the Gang attracted both wrestlers’ friends, and a battle royal erupted – but it was brief, because Rhodes lost no time moving in when Billy Jack held the Gang’s arms.  Rhodes made an easy pin.

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