Dusty Took The Low Rhodes To Defeat

St. Petersburg Independent – June 6, 1979
By Gene Taylor, Wrestling Correspondent

TAMPA – Dusty Rhodes proved last night at Fort Homer Hesterly Armory that two wrongs don’t make a right.  The two wrongs were done by him – on two referees.  And it cost him and his tag teammates their match.

Perhaps Dusty can’t be entirely blamed.  While he was giving an autograph to a young fan before the ring announcements, Jos LeDuc jumped him from behind, touching off a free-for-all that left Rhodes unconscious.

This left Mike Graham and Steve Keirn to face the team of LeDuc, King Curtis and Magnificent Moroco alone.

Graham and Keirn are hard to catch, and the match was obviously not going the way LeDuc, Curtis and Moroco thought it should.  Their double-teaming grew in proportion to their frustration.

The climax came when the referee missed seeing Keirn tag up with Graham and made Graham leave the ring.  In the ensuing battle royal, Graham and Keirn were getting the worst of it, until Rhodes returned from the dressing room and jumped in the fray.

In a blind rage, Rhodes attacked anyone who got in front of him, including two referees, whom he threw out of the ring.  When the smoke cleared, the only one left in the ring was Rhodes, but the match was awarded to the team of LeDuc, Curtis and Moroco on a disqualification.

The Special Challenge match between Killer Karl Kox and Jim Garvin lasted exactly three minutes.  Garvin was awarded the match because of interference by Kox.

In the Lumberjack match, Killer Kahn bested Jack Brisco.

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