Fourth Marriage Revealed By Strangler Lewis

Los Angeles Times – January 21, 1937

Veryifying what he said “everybody knew,” yet no one seemed to know about, Ed (Strangler) Lewis, former world’s heavyweight wrestling champion disclosed yesterday that he and Miss Bobbie Lee West were married in Yuma, Ariz., January 11.   Friends of the affable ex-champion said they had heard he was planning marriage, but none could be found who actually knew it had taken place.

Miss West, Lewis said, formerly lived in Corpus Christi, Tex., and Muskogee, Okla.   “We’ve known each other twelve years,” Lewis said.   The big mat man lives in Glendale, and in addition to keeping up his wrestling interests, chiefly managerial, operates several restaurants in Southern California.   “This is my ‘first’ marriage,” laughed the thrice-before wed Lewis.   His last wife, the former Elaine Tomaso, Riverside (Cal.) art student, died in 1933.


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