Ex-Champion Wrestler Slain By 4 Robbers

Chicago Tribune – August 6, 1933

MARSHFIELD, Wis., Aug. 5 – (Special) – Fred Beall, 57, ex-champion world’s heavyweight wrestler, was killed today by four bandits who robbed the Marshfield Brewing company’s offices. He was acting as policeman on night duty.

Art Schroeder, who lives next door to the brewery office, gave the alarm and wounded one of the bandits as they fled after a battle with sawed-off shotguns and pistols that aroused the neighborhood. Patrolman George Fyksen also wounded one of the robbers.

The murderers fled north in Officer Beall’s car, but abandoned it, blood-stained, a mile north of the city to use their own after escaping with $2,500 in revenue stamps.

Sheriff Martin Bey and posses are searching the county for trace of the murderers.

Beall was world’s champion in 1906, and had the distinction of being one of the few men to throw Frank Gotch. He was a Spanish-American war veteran. He was born in Germany and came here at the age of 4.

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