Steve Casey Pins Shamrock on Billy Bartush at Rex

The Lowell Sun – December 21, 1937

There was hipper dippering with an Irish brogue attached last night on the mats of the Rex arena ring as Stephen “The Crusher” Casey tucked Chicago’s bustling Billy Bartush away in straight consecutive “lay me downs.”

The first clash was as neat and refined as the meeting of two Erin Isle pipe smokers on their way to a County Cork fair. But the last fall was as tough and rough as Paddy’s goat. Both wrestlers opened the festivities by bounding out of the ring toward each other ready to slice off a chew of the shank. However, they stopped suddenly and gentlemanly gestured their way about the canvas, to grapple in a clear-cut, non-dramatic manner.

Casey won the fall in 19 minutes and 14 seconds. Bartush made his dive to the lower regions following a free ride in the ozones on the wings of what is termed the Killarney Flip.’ When this flipping business jiggered him to a topsy turvy condition, Casey applied a combination head scissors and arm lock to clinch the fall.

The second fall found all the demons of a thousand Irish generations breaking loose. Bartush got tough and Casey got tougher. Both used their fists and elbows in a free throwing splurge and it all ended with Casey again on top after 10 ‘minutes and 11 seconds. A head scissors and body press was the hold used.

In the semi-final bout Les Ryan and Maurice Robert battled to a 30-minute draw. Robert, brother of the world champion Yvon, substituted for Manuel Cortez, who was unable to appear.

Worcester’s mat artist, Sailor Nelson, gained another victory last night in a special bout with Patsy Angelo.  The decision was given to Nelson after Angelo was disqualified for unnecessary roughness. The bout went 12 minutes and 24 seconds. Stan Wydra of Salem defeated Buddy Reilly of East Boston in 14 minutes and 38 seconds.  A flying tackle and body press did the trick.

Bill Collins of Georgia won over Lieut. Wendell O’Dell of England with a Japanese leglock and body press after 16 minutes and 32 seconds.  Steve Passas was the referee of all battles.


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