George To Seek Best Mat Stars

Los Angeles Times – October 5, 1930

Don George, former national amateur champion and only undefeated top-notch heavyweight grappler in the game, yesterday asked Promoter Lou Daro for a chance to meet some of the nationally known first-raters here.

George is anxious to get action. He has been in Southern California since the first of May, and in that time has had eight matches and won them all. He has beaten Dan Koloff, Stanley Stasiak, Moose Norbeck, Nick Lutze, twice, Joe Malcewicz, Lee Wyckoff and Don De Laun. Now he would like to appear in the feature event of the mat show planned for the Olympic the 15th inst.

In the five months he has been on the Coast mat critics declare the former University of Michigan mat star has improved at least 50 per cent in his wrestling work, as shown by the smashing way in which he disposed of De Laun in less than six minutes. To many of the fans it appeared that George was unusually rough in that battle, but those who are considered experts and had watched De Laun in training, the young Long Beach grappler had shown great strength and ability in his workouts. Some of the experts stated afterward that De Laun feigned an injured leg in an effort to catch George off guard.

George’s backers believe that the former Michigan mat star could have defeated either Marshall or champion Gus Sonnenberg on the respective showings of these two at the Olympic Wednesday night. George, these declare, is faster and can be rougher than either of them. His style of wrestling is so different than anything ever shown here that his foes have found it hard to figure out his style.

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