Negro Girls Will Wrestle

The Southeast Missourian – September 22, 1955

An amateur match will open the bill Friday night when the wrestling clan gathers at the Arena, with the doors to swing open at 7:15, the matches to get underway at 8:15.

Then comes the tag match with four hardened chaps to do their stuff.  Ike Eakins and Vic Holbrook team up to do harm to a pair out of Athens, Greece, John Tolas and Chris Tolas.

Ike is a big boy of 270 pounds from Louisville, and Holbrook is a 255-pound man, and he comes from Hollywood.  John Tolas weighs 245 and Chris is the midget of the works, at 230 pounds.  This has a limit of one hour, two out of three falls.

Girls to See Action.

Also billed are two Negro girls, who know a thing or two about wrestling.  They are from the Deep South and are said to be cut but cunning.

One is little Ethel Johnson, at 130 pounds and she is fresh out of Atlanta, Ga.  The other girl is Babs Wingo, who weighs 150 pounds.  Babs gets her mail at New Orleans.  It is a two out of three falls deal, with 60 minute limit.

As usual the Odd Fellows are sponsoring the show.

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