Koloff Triumphs Over Strong Man

Spokane Daily Chronicle – August 8, 1925

For more than 30 minutes Henry Steinburn and Dan Koloff, heavyweight wrestlers, furnished a series of hair-raising, spine-jiggling thrills in their bout at Fort George Wright last night, but finally the science of Koloff triumphed over the Herculean strength of the man calling himself the world’s strongest.

While his strength lasted Steinburn was invincible.  Koloff applied headlocks and wristlocks in monotonous succession, only to be lifted high in the air and heaved toward the ropes.  Spectators in the front row were forced to flee each time Koloff’s 225 pounds was headed for the ropes.  Several times it looked as though the Bulgarian would be hurled clear to the dollar seats, but each time the ropes halted his progress.

As a bucker Steinburn would make an outlaw horse ashamed of his own puny efforts.  With Koloff on top and the German on all fours, Steinburn several times bucked his way clear across the ring, bringing roars of merriment from the crowd.

Both used punishing toe holds effectively.  It was the only hold Steinburn seemed to know, a fact which handicapped him and set his great strength at naught.  After 33 minutes Koloff made the young Hercules helpless with a body scissors and body block and took the fall.

The second fall went to Koloff in shorter time, the Bulgarian pinning the German to the mat with a similar set of holds after 24 minutes.

Dan Truex took two out of three falls from Howard Garrison in a 30-minute preliminary.  John Miller refereed the bouts.


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