As Bill Leiser Sees It

San Francisco Chronicle – April 3, 1955
By Bill Leiser

Leo Nomellini, who believes he has something of a right to claim some sort of a world wrestling championship, is challenged by an Oklahoma citizen whose offer should be attractive at least in one sense. He guarantees not to kick Leo in the face. Not even if Leo dives out of the ring. In fact, he says he wouldn’t let Leo get out of the ring.

Here’s the offer, as relayed by a manager, Max Bauman:

“Roy Dunn (not affiliated with the self-serving National Wrestling Alliance) agrees to beat both the Alliance champion, Lou Thesz, and Nomellini, one fall each in one hour, same evening.

“This offer,” says Bauman, “is made with the object of taking wrestling out of the burlesque stage.”

Dunn doesn’t ask a dollar for his service. Is ready to contribute all of his end to any charity named, or to work for nothing – that is, just the privilege of beating Nomellini, or Thesz. Or both. Preferably both.

Tom Harmon of CBS has mentioned Dunn’s offer to meet anybody, and obviously he’s quite sincere. He’s of Alva, Okla. He lists himself as former AAU champion and “Winner and present holder of the World’s Heavyweight Championship Belt.” Just where he got the belt we don’t know, but we never could keep up with all the world’s heavyweight wrestling championships and champs.

But, why not take the guy on? If Leo Nomellini is good enough to be a champion, what could he lose?


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