Wrestling Monopoly Suit Publicity Stunt?

Associated Press – December 20, 1935

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Everett Marshall, of La Junta, Colo., a claimant to the heavyweight wrestling title, charged six sports promoters with forming a “monopoly on wrestling” in a suit filed Friday asking a million dollars damage.

One of the promoters, Paul Bowser of Boston, termed the suit “just a publicity stunt.” Bowswer, at Boston, denied Marshall’s charge of a monopoly in wrestling and said Marshall failed to “take” with Boston fans.

Another, Tom Packs of St. Louis, admitted there was “more or less a gentleman’s agreement” among the six promoters but denied the agreement constituted a “wrestling monopoly.”

“We had to organize to protect ourselves and to get talent,” Packs said at St. Louis. “When we are organized, managers and wrestlers can’t dictate to us.”

Marshall, who makes his headquarters here, declared in the suit, filed in Franklin County Common Pleas Court, that a partnership formed by the six promoters barred all outsiders and used only wrestlers managed by the various partners.

Besides Bowser and Packs, he named as defendants Jack Curley of New York, Joseph Mondt of Los Angeles, Edward White of Chicago, and Ray Fabiani of Philadelphia.

Marshall named the Curtis Publishing Co. of Philadelphia as another defendant, alleging that the firm conspired with the promoters to “belittle” Marshall’s ability and to “destroy his standing as a heavyweight contender” through an article published in The Saturday Evening Post.

He said the combine had rejected his offers to meet the recognized champion, Danno O’Mahoney, whom he described in the suit as “a second rate wrestler of mediocre caliber.”


3 responses to “Wrestling Monopoly Suit Publicity Stunt?

  1. I had to double-check the date to ensure the article was referring to an old law suit, not something new. Lol…

    • Classic Wrestling Articles

      Funny thing is, there is more of a “monopoly” now than there was back then.

      • Indeed. A de-facto monopoly is still a monopoly. Even worse, ant-trust laws are being violated every time WWE goes on the air and nobody does anything about it. Sad. Just sad.

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