Is Ric Flair Running The White House?

Weekly World News – February 5, 1991

Ric Flair 2-5-91


Pro Wrestler Talked Bush Into Sending Troops To Saudi Arabia!

Wrestling wild man Ric Flair has become one of President Bush’s closest pals and political advisors – and it was Flair who persuaded Bush to send U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia!

High-ranking government sources confirmed the President launched Operation Desert Shield after the snarling ring villain urged him to “knock Saddam Hussein on his butt.”


“We might still be pussy-footing around, trying to decide whether to send troops or not send troops, if Flair hadn’t stirred Mr. Bush to action,” said an aide to North Carolina Sen. Jesse Helms.


The White House refused to comment on the wrestling rowdy’s role in foreign affairs, but a spokesman admitted that Bush and Flair are close personal friends.


At a recent fund-raising dinner, the President requested a special place for “Nature Boy” Ric at the head table and questioned him extensively about his views on the Middle East crisis.


“Ric Flair is one of the President’s most trusted and influential advisors,” said a Republican Party spokesman.  “When Nature Boy talks, the White House listens.”


And Bush listened carefully last August, sources say, when Flair advised him to rush troops into Saudi Arabia after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait.


“The President said, ‘Ric, how do you think we ought to handle this?’” the ring warrior recalled.  “And I said, ‘Mr. President, we’ve got to get some people over there right now and kick some sand in that tyrant’s ugly face.  That’s the only way to handle a bully.”


“The President said, ‘Ric, I couldn’t agree with you more.’  And the next day the operation was under way.”


Bush, a long-time fan of pro wrestling, has admired Flair’s ring heroics for years, sources say.  But the unlikely pals never formally met until last summer.


And the President has been in almost constant communication with the wrestling champ ever since.


“Mr. Bush has consulted Ric Flair at virtually every stage of the Middle East troop deployment,” a Washington insider revealed.


“In the same way that the Reagan White House turned to an astrologer for guidance in important matters, the Bush Presidency has relied on Ric Flair and the sweet science of professional wrestling.”

PRESIDENT Bush admires ring tough guy Ric Flair.

PRESIDENT Bush admires ring tough guy Ric Flair.

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