Cox Downs Lewis In Wrestling Match

Sacramento Union – February 4, 1947

The veteran Ed (Strangler) Lewis lost in the main wrestling event here last night to Ted Cox, the Lodi rough rider. Cox won a first fall and Lewis took the second. The Lodian scored the final down in a brief but rough session. Zefko Simunovich won the special event over Hans Buesing in straight falls. Juan Humberto and Otto Kuss did a draw in the curtain raiser.

3 responses to “Cox Downs Lewis In Wrestling Match

  1. Killing it man, as usual, I can’t wait for Mondays when your newsletter hits my inbox. rl

    • Classic Wrestling Articles

      Thanks! Glad you are still enjoying it. I always try (key word) to make sure I do a few posts a week. Some weeks I’m able to go a little crazy and post a ton of stuff, and others not so much. We should be pushing 2,000+ articles within the next month or two though. That will be a pretty big milestone, imo.

      Thanks again for following! I’m glad you get as much of a kick out of it as I do!

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