Grudge Battle Slated At Fort

The Tuscaloosa News – March 4, 1941

Kasaboski Meets Fenton Again; Becker Pairs With Malone

A double main event is to be staged by Promoter Joe Gunther Wednesday on the weekly American Legion wrestling show at Fort Brandon armory.

Headlining the card will be a return grudge battle between Larry (Babe) Kasaboski, alias the Killer, and Rod Fenton, the terrible torso-twister from Canada.  This watch will be the final feature of the evening.

Booked for the preliminary, which in this case is better than opening bouts usually are, are George Becker, the handsome New Yorker and former light-heavy weight champion, and Earl Malone, the bruiser brute from Boston.

Both matches fare for two falls out of three, with a two-hour time limit on the Fenton-Kasaboski match and a one-hour maximum set for the preliminary.

Kasaboski and Fenton clashed in a near riotous scrap in last Wednesday’s main event fight.  The clash stirred more interest than has been seen at the armory in several months of grappling.

The Polish fighter from Oklahoma edged Fenton in the match, taking the decisive last drop by default.  Joe Gunther, who was refereeing the event, ruled Fenton out because of repeated infractions of the rules.

Becker hasn’t fought here since before Christmas, when he engaged Rex Mobley in a series of in a series of tussles.  Some describe him as the most perfectly built man to fight in Tuscaloosa.

The opening match is set to begin at 8:30 o’clock.

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