Confusion Ends Grappling Show

The Tuscaloosa News – March 6, 1941

Excited Crowd Sees Rod Fenton Win; Becker Is Victor

The Larry Kasaboski-Rod Fenton feud grew hotter at the Fort Brandon wrestling matches here last night as an excited crowd threw local policemen into a dither and worked themselves up into a near riot.

Fortunately, however, the casualty list blanked out again.  The commotion waned as quickly as it had started.  Observers concluded that it was just a case of the spectators taking the wrestlers’ work more seriously than did the beefers themselves.

Casanova Kasaboski, the handsome holdsman from Oklahoma, grew hot under the collar when Fenton used an old “bad man” trick to whip him on the main event of the American Legion show.

After a rowdy spell of “world’s end” grappling the final fall stalemated when the two ear scramblers each applied tenacious cradle holds.  They agreed to start over, but when they shook hands on the deal, Fenton yanked his opponent to the mat and won the decisive last fall with a crab hold.  Fenton started to his dressing room, proud of his victory.

Goaded on by indignant fans, Kasaboski chased after him, with spectators right behind.  Much noise and confusion was created, but nobody saw any blows landed.

Roderick, the renegade “rassler” from Canada, had won the second fall in eight minutes with a crab hold after withering his foe with a triple treatment of choking, hair-pulling and pounding.

An airplane spin won the 22-minute first fall for the Oklahoma-man.

George Becker, the New York physical culturist, whipped Earl Malone in two straight falls of the preliminary attraction.

Becker brought out the fancy stuff in winning his victory.  The first one went to him in 10 minutes as he forked up a reversed cradle which sprawled his tremendous-girthed enemy to the mat.

A dish of well-served Becker pile-drivers left Malone with a badly muddled brain in the second drop, which was timed at eight minutes.

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