Mobley Retains Mat Title

The Tuscaloosa News – January 30, 1941
By Kasey Elebash

Champ Defeats Rod Fenton; Keene Drubs Malone

Rex Mobley withered a storm of verbal disapproval hurled at him by disgruntled fans and put a damper on the ambitious Rod Fenton at Fort Brandon last night to retain his world’s light heavyweight wrestling championship.

The champ, in his sly, one-jump-ahead-of-the-referee style of grappling, managed to deflate the ego of Fenton without exerting too much energy with either his brain or physique perfecto body.

Rod (they used to call him Roderick when he was in rompers) managed to come above water only once, barely sneaking off with the second fall.  He did, however, manage to give Mr. Mobley a little more than he had bargained for in the final tilt.

It was in this last drop that the champ had to spend the greater part of his time languishing on the floor outside the squared circle.  Time and again the fiery Fenton booted him out at the feet of non champ-worshipping fans.

Ultimately Mobley, the former Texas steer-thrower, gained the upper hand, giving his opponent a taste of the hardwood.  When he had grown tired of keeping Fenton out of the ring, Mobley lassoed the challenger by throwing a scissors hold on his neck.

Yanking him back on to the mat, he pinned Rod while at least one spectator tried to halt the kill by pulling his leg.  Thus after 13 minutes of the third toss the champ had taken the two-out-of-three count and still wore the title belt.

Fenton had to make a jack-in-the-box out of himself to flatten Mobley’s shoulders in a nine-minute second heave.  Rod executed kangaroo kicks as fast as Mobley could get up off the canvas.  When the kicks wouldn’t do the job fists would.  With a body spread Fenton easily proved the congruency of the mat and Mobley’s shoulders.

The titlest indicated the direction of the wind in the first fall, slamming Fenton so frequently and with such might that it became evident that the boards beneath the mat couldn’t stand much more such treatment even if the hard-hulked challenger could.  With hair pulling adding spice to the menu, the flip-flopping flattened Fenton after 18 minutes from the opening gong.

An unimpressive preliminary bout became interesting in the third fall when a spectator heaved a chair at Earl Malone.  The missile hit the ropes, however, and failed to strike the mark.  Subsequently Malone was disqualified for roughness and the fall and bout went to Charlie Keene.  A toe hold gave Malone the first in 25 minutes.

Keene wrapped a towel around Malone’s neck, sufficiently slamming and battering him to capture the second in six minutes.


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