Miss Lee Fights At Fort Tonight

The Tuscaloosa News – February 26, 1941

Larry Kasaboski Meets Rod Fenton On Preliminary

A program of contrasts is scheduled for the American Legion wrestling show at Fort Brandon armory tonight.

A pair of the toughest matmen in the business take over the canvas in the opening event, while two girls are booked to do the wrestling in the final bout.

Tonight’s headliners are Ann Laverne of California and Betty Lee of Chicago, two of the foremost feminine exponents of the art of body bending.

The winner of the women’s match will be signed for a bout with Mildred Burke, the champion of all women wrestlers, at the local arena at an early date, Promoter Joe Gunther said.

The actors scheduled to put on the wolf-eat-wolf program at the Fort are Rod Fenton, whose deviltries are well known to the local fight attenders, and Larry Kasaboski, the Tulsa torso twirler.

Both Betty Lee and Rod Fenton have fought here before, while the other two wrestlers will make their first appearances tonight.

Miss Lee is a fiery sort of grappler in her own right, going in for body slams and hair pulling in a big way.  She dealt out all kinds of misery to Mildred Burke here in a recent scrap.

Fenton is known for his ruggedness, and while being a rowdy, is also skillful in his wrestling.  Kasaboski, known as “the killer” is no pantie-waist and is expected to hold the Fenton onrush to barely more than a trickle.

Both are two out of three fall matches with time limits of one hour.  The opener is slated to start at 8:30 o’clock.

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