Throng Sees Wrestle Royal

The Tuscaloosa News – January 23, 1941
By Kasey Elebash

Blimp ‘Deflated’ At Legion Event; Corby Whips Fenton

A terrific outside-the-ring brawl capped off a fireball wrestling show at Fort Brandon last night, as close to 1,000 fans witnessed the deflation and subsequent ascension of the “Human Blimp,” mountainous 640-pound matman.

The Blimp, alias Martin Levy, collapsed after seven minutes in a wrestle royal, following a piercing attack executed by a trio of balloon busters – Bob Corby, Rod Fenton and Gorilla Grubmeyer.

The big gust was marked by the absence of true wrestling technique.  The final crash was a mass of piled flesh, with limbs protruding helter-skelter from the wreckage.  Levy’s chief modes of attack, a crushing bear hug followed by an elephant squeeze, at first held the illegal combine at bay.

Weary from his task of holding up his more than a quarter of a ton of beef, Levy was downed as Gunther’s bad boys rushed in fast.  He didn’t quit, without a protest, however, claiming that part of his anatomy was outside the ring.  Referee Jack Purdin ruled him out, however, and Corby and Fenton formed a partnership which put Grubmeyer out in three more minutes.

Levy showed the multitude that he really had something on his bulging midriff in the next scrap, a clash with the Gorilla, his fugitive chum from the ill-conceived “rassle royal.”

Grubmeyer gave up in disgust after a smashing three minutes.  Already mauled and bruised, the Gorilla sought peace even at a coward’s price.  During the brief session he bided his time bouncing on the ropes, Levy’s lunch wagon or more often, the not-so-soft mat.

With a try for the light heavyweight champ’s belt, worn by Rex Mobley, hanging in the balance, Corby and Fenton fought in a fierce finale with Corby ultimately carrying off the honors.

The decisive last toss went to Battling Bob as the gift of Referee Purdin, because of misconduct on the part of Fenton, firebrand of the fighting fraternity.  The entire company thundered to the floor in this sensational last chapter, as the whirling spectacle threatened to batter down everything in its wake.  All three came back on the canvas swinging, until Purdin could hoist the winner’s arm.

Fenton threw Corby in a 17-minute first fall, applying a hammerlock, then turning his victim over on it.  Corby consummated the second in six minutes with a blinding flash of fists climaxed with a body slam.

American Legion wrestling officials said that Corby and Rex Mobley would do a stint for the title here next week.  Approximately 150 seats will be reserved for the affair.  Tickets will go on sale Monday at Baker’s Coffee Pot and Tatum Drug Co.

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