Roberts Starts New Push Against Fenton

Eugene Register-Guard – September 12, 1939

Eddie Roberts, the Oklahoma stylist who says he’ll never leave this country until he regains the Pacific coast light-heavyweight belt he once wore, will be picking his opponents tough Thursday night at the armory where he is scheduled to meet “Lightning Rod” Fenton, Canadian villain, in the 45-minute semi-final.

The match is one of two all-star supporting matches Promoter Herb Owen has promised to tie in with the coast championship skirmish between Prince Haki, champion, and Ernie Piluso, challenger.  The opening match, which is expected to show King Kong Clayton, will not be announced until later in the week.

In Fenton, known locally as the corner-wrestling champion of the world, Roberts will be meeting one of the most formidable opponents in his local stay.  The rolly-polly Canadian has little more than a prayer as far as actual grappling ability is concerned, but has blasted his way to the top of his division through the use of a pair of sledge-hammer fists.  He has lost more matches in Eugene on fouls than the average matman has lost in a lifetime.

Roberts, despite consecutive defeats at the hands of Piluso and Haki, is determined to start a title campaign anew – and his first victim promises to be the much-hated Fenton.

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