Mobley’s Title At Stake Here

The Tuscaloosa News – January 28, 1941

Fenton To Oppose Champ; Keene Meets Malone In Opener

When Rod Fenton broke one of his fellow wrestler’s arms here in a wild match last week, he didn’t know that it would automatically give him a shot at the light heavyweight grappling title tomorrow.

Bob Corby was the luckless individual who otherwise would have fought Rex Mobley here at Fort Brandon tomorrow night for a claim on the light heavy belt.

Promoter Joe Gunther had announced that the winner of the Corby-Fenton scrap would get a crack at the title this week.  Corby was the lucky winner, but examinations after the fight showed after the fight showed that his arm was broken.  He’s on the shelf now and probably won’t do anymore mat work for months.

The fight will be the first title bout ever held in Tuscaloosa.  An unusually large crowd is anticipated by American Legion officials and it is understood that reserved ringside seats have been erected to care for the expected overflow attendance.

The main event championship stint will be bolstered by a preliminary fight which should rate above par.  Charlie Keene, the St. Louis playboy, will take on Earl Malone of Boston, a newcomer to the local arena.

Although it was Corby who really earned a try for the champ’s belt, many observers feel that Fenton will be better equipped to cope with Mobley’s style of fighting than would the blond lad from St. Louis.

At any rate, a powder barrel battle is expected.  The explosive Fenton is the toughest grappler to hit Tuscaloosa since the advent of Mike Chacoma, and due to the fact that Mobley does not tolerate any funny stuff, the experts look for ambitious work on the part of each.

The title fight will be a two out of three fall encounter and is scheduled to run no longer than two hours.  The Keene-Malone opener is also for two out of three falls, but the time limit will be one hour.  Activity in the preliminary is scheduled to start at 8:30 o’clock.

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